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On to the next one - 2013>2012

I couldn't have dreamed of a better year than 2012. I am SO 
blessed to have such amazing things come my way. 
*Got a promotion!!!
*Had an insane, and at the same time relaxing + peaceful, bachelorette party 
  weekend in Montauk 
*Spent time with my Poppy
*Helped my family relocate and rebrand their restaurant (Cafe 41 and Pizzeria)
*Went to San Fran and Napa for my friends wedding
*Was thrown the most adorable and sweetest bridal shower by my closest family + friends
*Honeymooned in Spain and France with my amazing husband
*Ended the year with my college friends from Arizona at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn dancing to Coldplay + Jay-Z!!

A pretty Epic year.... but what is in store for 2013? Here's what I'm thinking...

*Following my Dreams + Passion for photography

 (Already have a bunch of events lined up this month) (YAY)
*New apartment (cross your fingers!)
*Yoga + Traveling
* Send out wedding thank you cards ;)

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